Multifunctional survival tool, orange [ENG]

Numarul articolului: 8369-07

Multifunctional survival tool. The tool includes: whistle, compass, thermometer (°F), a light, mirror, magnifying glass and cord with safety closure. [ENG]

Pretul produsului
4.593 €/buc
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47 buc / 6 240 buc

Direx compass, solid black [ENG]

Numarul articolului: 10020600

Direx compass. Handy compass for tracking directions. Plastic. [ENG]

Pretul produsului
5.100 €/buc
Pe stoc / La comanda
31 buc / 833 buc

Compast pt. carabinieri

Numarul articolului: 10010700

Pretul produsului
6.120 €/buc
Pe stoc / La comanda
0 buc / 4 960 buc

Alverstone multi-function compass, Grey, solid black,Orange [ENG]

Numarul articolului: 13401500

Alverstone multi-function compass. Find your way in style with this compass that includes a whistle and a thermometer. The compass can be used in the night thanks to its glow-in-the-dark markers and when placed on a map the clear window makes it easy to align the compass with the map?s north. The exclusively designed double carabiner provides easy attachment. Feature card in EN/FR/DE/IT/ES/NL is added for your convenience. Packed in an Elevate gift box. Exclusive design. Plastic. [ENG]

Pretul produsului
10.500 €/buc
Pe stoc / La comanda
0 buc / 776 buc
1 - 4 / 4

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